Get Curious - Cultural Identity Crisis

Featured in HAUSMAG - 

This is a graphic identity project. You must design the identity for a new kind of cultural destination. It will be a multi-sited brand that aims to broaden the public understanding of both art and design. The venues will place significant emphasis on exploring the boundaries between the disciplines, how frequently they intersect and borrow language from one another. 

The identity will in still & promote a sense of ‘mother’ community across all the venues that offers a united mission & sense of purpose. But the identity also needs to also be adaptable and allow each individual venue to build a ‘micro’ community that feeds off and is inspired but the immediate locality. I themed my brand around Birmingham's dance scene as the population is very University/ Student based, in addition I wanted to spread the awareness of endeared animals in conjunction with Birmingham's animal conversation program that I visited. The event is a 3 day workshop with 4 different styles of dance being taught with live performances and competition, bringing together a sense of community and group bonding.